Dr. Karyna Davis-Irons

Dr. Karyna Davis-Irons is a highly accomplished consultant anaesthetist at the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (HSA). With a rich background in the hospital and healthcare industry, she goes beyond Anaesthesiology, also excelling in Intensive Care and Pain  Management.

Driven by patient-centered care, Dr. Davis-Irons blends clinical expertise with compassion and unwavering ethical principles. Her formal education in Medical Law and Ethics equips her to analyse, interpret and apply laws regulating the provision of healthcare with a particular regard to ethical perspectives.

At HSA, Dr. Davis-Irons sets an exceptional standard, prioritising not only medical excellence but also empathetic patient interactions. Her holistic approach to healthcare embodies her dedication to both medical and ethical excellence, showcasing her as a guiding light in the field and contributing significantly to healthcare enhancement in the Cayman Islands.