It is my pleasure to lead the Ministry’s hosting of the 2021 Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference, especially under the newly created portfolio of Wellness. Certainly, the conference theme, Breathe Easier, speaks to what we hope to achieve with the wellness division of the Ministry. We are promoting and facilitating healthy behaviours that will result in better physical and mental health outcomes, not only on an individual level but collectively as a country.  It is this Government’s vision to see our citizens not just surviving, but thriving.

Cayman is in an incredibly unique and fortunate position with very low level COVID-19 community spread; we have access to vaccines, and we can still move about relatively freely in our country. However, there are many among us who are still anxious and uncertain about the future. This conference will provide information that will help us all see the way forward and give us the tools to help us enjoy our lives more and thrive in the new normal. I hope that the public will take advantage of this opportunity to learn and be encouraged. – Hon. Sabrina Turner, Minister for Health & Wellness

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