Dr. Grant Rogers

Dr Grant Rogers is a Family Medicine Physician (GP) at Doctors Hospital. He earned his medical degree at the University of The Free State in South Africa, and has extensive experience in primary care, occupational health, urgent care medicine, and family medicine.

Dr Rogers’ care services include diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions while promoting ‘total health & wellbeing’ through everyday disease and prevention practices. He is passionate about maintaining a healthy physical lifestyle, from the health choices we
make to embracing the healing elements of nature and our environment. As a physician, you’ll find Dr Rogers a deeply caring and supportive individual, a set of traits that are embedded through his approach to work.

He embraces the importance of patient involvement and building healthcare solutions that fit into busy lives, not compete with them. Outside of the hospital, you’re likely to find Dr Rogers spending time outdoors, riding horseback cycling, or playing golf.