David Kwinter, MD, CCFP(EM)

Clinical Chief of Concierge Medicine and Primary Care at Cayman Medical, Dr. David Kwinter obtained degrees from the esteemed  University of Kentucky College of Medicine and Memorial University’s Department of Family Medicine. Having completed training and certification in both family medicine and emergency medicine, he ran his own family practice in Canada while simultaneously working ER shifts, OR assisting, running a hospital-based special procedure clinic, and caring for the residents of a local retirement home.

With over 8,000 hours of high-volume, high-acuity emergency room experience, he is adept at managing complex medical workups as well as minor surgical procedures. Having run a solo private practice of over 1,000 patients for nearly a decade he gained experience managing nearly all common chronic diseases and many uncommon and rare diseases as well.

Dr. Kwinter’s practice encompasses the full scope of family medicine, including primary preventative care, chronic disease management, health coaching, executive medicals and minor surgical procedures as well as heading up Cayman Medical’s newly launched, Concierge Medical Services programme.