The Wellness Centre

The Wellness Centre Ltd was founded in 2004 and is a Licensed Health Facility, with a team of clinical specialists who provide a wide range of comprehensive psychological, mental health, behavioural interventions and corporate wellness services to individuals, families and organisations in the Cayman Islands.

Our staff is licensed with various international regulatory bodies associated with their area of specialised services as well as with the Cayman Islands Health Regulatory Council for Professionals Allied with Medicine (CPAM). We pride ourselves in providing high quality, evidence-based clinical interventions in an environment of compassion and support. Confidentiality is our priority and we pride ourselves on our efforts to reduce the stigma and increase our community’s understanding of mental health and mental health care.

We believe in a holistic approach to health care and work closely with families, primary care physicians, schools and employers to build a healthier community. We are guided by Diversity Informed Tenets, principles of trauma-informed care, and a commitment to decolonising mental healthcare. We hold ourselves to a high standard of reflection and self-awareness when working with persons from different racial, cultural, ethnic backgrounds or sexual orientations from ourselves.