Infinite Mindcare

Infinite Mindcare, located in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, is a multi-specialty counselling centre offering psychotherapy for teens and adults with an array of concerns. We are also proud to offer a unique blend of PRIVATE, EXCLUSIVE, EVIDENCE-BASED drug and alcohol treatment programmes. For more information on these programmes please visit our sister site at:

Our Vision

​To be a centre of excellence, providing a safe and trusted counselling environment for our clients where they feel empowered to create lasting change in their lives.

Our Mission

  • To offer high level and effective counselling experiences based on evidence-based, heart-centered programmes that address our clients’ greatest needs.
  • To work with our clients in creating personalised, action based and achievable treatment goals that will address their utmost concerns and improve quality of life.
  • To assist our clients in achieving a deeper understanding of self and enhanced self esteem.
  • To help our clients develop more fulfilling relationships and be their best selves.

Our Values

  • We treat our clients with care and consideration while respecting their individuality and uniqueness.
  • We do what is in the best interest of each client and are scrupulous in all our dealings.
  • We are the partners our clients can confidently trust to guide them in finding the solutions they need.
  • We communicate candidly with our clients. Nothing is off limits for us to talk about, discuss and address.
  • Being of service to our clients and their families is our greatest honour.