Hope Academy


Hope Academy provides a private, co-educational learning environment for students in Kindergarten to Grade 12. Our curriculum offers a full-time academic program, including online courses and work experience. Through our rigorous courses, our graduates are prepared to attend college and enter the workforce. We also offer extracurricular activities and tutoring.


Hope Academy aims to provide children with an environment that combines the best practice of individual programs along with group learning. Our flexible methodology caters to each student’s needs – whether they require remediation or enrichment. When the appropriate techniques are used, students can flourish.


At Hope Academy, our mission is to provide an effective and enjoyable learning experience for all children through multi/sensory, individualized educational programs that embrace, celebrate and utilize their differences.

​Our goal is to help our students meet the learning benchmarks for their grades, using the following:

  • classroom instruction
  • small/group instruction
  • individual instruction
  • hands-on learning experiences