Doctors Hospital & Integra Healthcare

In May 2022, Doctors Hospital (“DH”) announced its acquisition of Integra Healthcare Ltd with a view to co-developing next-generation healthcare for patients in Cayman. DH and Integra share a commitment to evidence-based medicine delivered by leading tertiary medical and nursing staff. Under the Doctors Hospital umbrella, the combined group will work towards developing a seamless approach to clinical healthcare, including primary care, specialist care, diagnostics, and more.

The combined group puts primary care, office-based specialist care, diagnostics, urgent care, hospital medicine, and surgery within the same organisation, creating the Cayman Islands’ most comprehensive private healthcare group.

About Integra Healthcare Ltd

Integra Healthcare Ltd is the largest non-hospital private clinic in the Cayman Islands, based out of Grand Pavilion on West Bay Road, currently with 10 doctors across women’s, children’s and family medicine, with dermatology. With a strong history in investing in latest technology, they were the first clinic in the whole Americas region to bring the latest Artificial Intelligence FotoFinder for assisting in the detection of skin cancer, as well as a new nanophotonic diagnostic technology platform to help in the fight against global pandemics. The practice is a champion for implementing evidence-based care and preventative, personalised medicine, built around four core values of excellence, integrity, commitment and passion.

About Doctors Hospital

As the leading private health care provider in Cayman, Doctors Hospital (DH) has been providing exceptional medical care to Cayman’s diverse communities for over 20 years. They are transforming healthcare through cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art medical, surgical, and diagnostic services backed by an experienced team of resident and visiting Principal List specialists. Guided by evidence-based clinical pathways and the highest international standards and practices, DH partners with patients to help optimise their health and live a vibrant, healthier, and longer life.