Hon. Dwayne Seymour, JP, MLA

Dwayne Seymour a businessman who grew up in the beautiful district of Bodden Town, Grand Cayman, has been a very active community leader from a very young age.

He is the elected member for the Largest Electoral district in the Cayman Islands, Bodden Town East, and is currently serving as the Minister for Health, Environment, Culture and Housing.

This is his second term in office, the first being in 2009-2013. Minister Dwayne Seymour was fortunate to serve in Cabinet on both occasions.

Mr. Seymour has been involved with the Bodden Town Football Club for over 30 years and served as Captain and Coach, and is currently the Vice President. He has been the Chairman of the Commonwealth Youth Parliament.

With a keen interest in entertainment, Mr. Seymour has organized and sponsored many musical talent shows mainly to identity rising stars, through the event called “Xposure”.

Mentoring the youth and empowering them to believe that everything is possible, once the work is put in with a positive attitude, is another of Dwayne Seymour’s passion.

Mr. Seymour has thirty four (34) years of experience in the Airline and Aviation industry, including aviation security. He was the National Flag carrier’s Regional & International airline manager.  He is a highly certified aviation consultant and trainer, and he takes distinct pride in developing airline security as a local career.  It is with immense pride that he seeks to ensure having more than 75% Caymanians in his employ.

Mr. Seymour is the President & CEO of Airport Professional Services for the past eighteen (18) years which operates in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac.

Mr. Seymour has served on many boards, including the Prison Inspection Board, the Health Insurance Commission Board, the Status & Permanent Residency Immigration Board. He is currently a member of the NCL Review Committee Board and the Co-Chair for the Stakeholders Steering Committee for Single Use Plastics Board.

Mr. Seymour is married with children and attends the Webster Memorial United Church in Bodden Town.